Rasmus Tolstrup Christensen

Latte Art With Xamarin Grid

May 30, 2016 | 1 Minute Read

A very common task when working with UI is to stack elements upon each other in a z-order. Often a bit complicated task, using either a Relative- or AbsoluteLayout in Xamarin Forms. Why not use a Grid for simple tasks, like making latte art?

Simple stacking can be made complex

A while back I had to stack some UI elements in a project. Making a relative simple overlay, one image on top of another. One of the resources on the topic I found was (Xamarin.Forms in anger, Mall)[https://www.syntaxismyui.com/xamarin-forms-in-anger-mall-dash/] by Adam J Wolf. A great example of using the RelativeLayout. Also a bit complex just to stack single elements. Please note that if you need more control of the layout you should follow the great example by Adam

We got a simpler solution

While Absolute- and -RelativeLayout works great, especially if you have a complex overlay they are the ones to use. In my case I just needed a single element overlay. As we already use Grid as a layout in many views, we know that elements are added to rows and columns by specifying an index like Grid.Row=”0” etc. Now what happens if we add multiple elements to the same index? The will be stacked!!, first element at the bottom, the next one above and so on. Let’s try, by simple adding a grid to a page and add 2 images to the same row.


The result speaks for itself! Your coffee is servered coffee And why not add an ActivityIndicator while brewing, it’s just another element to stack. coffeebrew

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